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ATA4000 Vertical Mast Arm
Knight Global's ATA4000 Vertical Mast Arm has fixed control handles that improve ergonomics by eliminating the need for an operator to bend or reach. The Vertical Mast Arm is typically used in applications that require significant UP and DOWN travel and precision placement. Knight's ATA4000 can be used with any Knight Balancer or chain hoist. Knight's Vertical Mast Arm rotates 360 degrees or can be fixed mounted for the operator.

Knight Global's ATA4000 has an available bearing clutch and friction (bumper) parking brake that attach to the Vertical Mast Arm. The ATA4000 Vertical Mast Arm has a maximum capacity of 500 lbs. [226kg] and a maximum torque of 853 ft/lbs. [1,156Nm]. Maximum Travel varies with each application; Contact a Knight representative for more information.
  • Features/Benefits
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Knight Global ATA4000 Vertical Mast Arm
Features/ Benefits
• Handles in a fixed ergonomic position on
   the mast.
• Various Control Configurations.
• Rail Length Available: Up to 15 ft. [4.6m].
• Max. Torque: Up to 853 ft./lbs. [1,156Nm].
• Max. Vertical Travel: Varies
• Max. Capacity: Up to 500 lbs. [226kg].
• Can be used with a Knight Balancer
   or Chain Hoist.
• Reduces Operator Fatigue.
360 Rotation or Fixed Mounted.
• Optional Parking Brake.
• Optional Bearing Clutch
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