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Defying Gravity with an Air Balancer
Knight Global Pneumatic/Air Balancers are designed to assist in transferring loads ergonomically using a variety of Up/ Down pendants or Balance "Float" Control Options. Air Balancers provide superior control over standard air hoists when it comes to locating and positioning loads. The operator can take their hand off the pendant and actually "float" the part into position. The sensation is one of part weightlessness. Knight Air Balancer speeds when compared to a traditional hoist are greater.
  • Features/ Benefits
  • Configurations
  • Control Options
Knight Global Pneumatic Air Balancer Series
Features/ Benefits
Benefits/ Options
• CE Compliant.
• Hands-Free Operation.
• Standard "Float" Mode.
• Internal Centrifugal Retract Control.
• Requires Non-Lubricated
  Clean/Dry Air.
• Max Balancing Capacity: Up to
  1,400 lbs. [635kg].
• Standard Travels: Up to
  110 in. [2794mm].
Cable or Chain Configurations.
• Optional External Retract Controls.
• Optional High Relieving and   Feathertouch Controls.
• Optional Tandem and Reeved,
Multiple Suspension Kits available.
Knight Global Pneumatic Air Balancer Configurations
Knight Global Cable or Chain Balancer Configuration
Pneumatic/ Air Balancer
Knight Global's Pneumatic/Air Balancer product line is one of the broadest in the industry offering a full line of air balancer series configurations.
Pneumatic/Air Balancers are offered in many configurations: Single, Single Reeved, Tandem. Knight Air Balancers are also offered with the choice of a Cable or Chain configuration on most models. The Cable is a carbon steel 6 (strands) x 31 (wires) Galvanized Independent Wire Rope Core (GIWRC) that is manufactured to the U.S. specification (DMS-2192E).

Chain is usually recommended instead of cable because chain is more durable when balancing weights in excess of 350 lbs. [159kg] and/ or high cycle times are encountered. The use of cable under these conditions has a greater tendency to fray or "birdcage" requiring a more specific PM program.

Knight chain balancers use a custom grade lifting chain specially treated to increase the life of the chain by up to 300%.

Knight Global Pneumatic Air Balancer Control Options
Knight Global Internal and External Retract Controls
Control Options
Knight Air Balancer Controls cover a wide variety of application needs and can be customized to your specific application requirements. Control handle levers are marked and colored according to customer specifications with callouts that are available in multiple languages. Trigger levers can also be mounted on the back of the handle as a fifth button or for optimum ergonomics.
Diverse Control Options
Knight Pendant Controls are designed for precision handling of variable weight loads and allow the operator to adjust the handle for an ergonomically comfortable position. Up/ down movement is achieved through the use of customer specified color coded thumb levers or by movement of the control handle (Feather-Touch Control Handle).
Internal and External Retract Controls
Knight incorporates a standard internal centrifugal brake to insure that any runaway load comes to an immediate and complete halt. Optional external retract controls impart a controlled condition to the spooling of the cable. By adjusting the pressure of the shock, the spool will only be allowed to move in a chosen maximum speed.

Air Balancer Series
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